We Get Students Because...

We believe in second chances.

Life happens. We understand that everyone’s circumstances are different. 

We meet students where they are. 

We reach out and connect through every channel imaginable.

We make the process easy.

We've got tech tools that provide friendly reminders and nudges.

We build real relationships.

We stick with students to ensure that they are on the road to graduation.


How ReUp Works

Over 30 Million College Students Missing In Action

ReUp was created for the purpose of reaching out and supporting this burgeoning population—students with some college experience but no degree -- and helping them succeed. We equip them to return to school with the tools and knowledge they need to earn a degree, bolster their earning power, and recognize themselves as powerful people.

A Special Recipe For Success

Through our personalized marketing outreach, data analytics, success coaching, and technology tools, we’ve designed a unique program that targets former students with some college but no degree. 

Unique Success Coaches

ReUp Success Coaches are almost always first generation college graduates who have overcome massive life obstacles of their own. They are highly skilled. They connect with, engage, and support former college students to return to school and earn degrees based on their individual circumstances, needs, and preferences.

Want to be inspired? Read about ReUp’s Success Coaches and their stories here.

Exclusively Focused On Results

We’re the only higher-ed company in the U.S. to focus exclusively on successfully serving this special population. Our numbers speak for themselves; since 2017, we’ve sent over 4000 former students back to school to earn their degrees. Read student success stories here.

Nothing To Lose

Our re-enrollment program is absolutely free to students. We get paid by partner institutions only on success with no upfront costs. Find more information here.