Did You Know?

More than 40% of college students in the US drop out.
That's more than 30 million Americans.

Many students who take a break from school are the first in their family to go to college. They can face a myriad of challenges—financial, social, and academic—that keep them from finishing. Sometimes, they take jobs that don’t pay well, don’t ignite their passion, and don’t let them reach their potential. Even worse, they may leave college with mountains of debt but without the earning power of a diploma. According to a 2013 article, “the majority of America's 30 million college dropouts are more likely than graduates to be unemployed, poor, and in default.” While this completion crisis is alarming and a true tragedy of opportunity, we believe it is fixable.


College Makes Sense


Two-thirds of all jobs will require postsecondary education by 2020.


People with bachelor’s degrees earn about $1 million more in additional income over their lifetime.


30% of students start college at age 25 or older.


Imagine if the path could be cleared for students to go back to school, complete their remaining credits, and graduate.

That's what we do at ReUp.


Our Solution

Personalized Coaching + Technology = Key to Success

Partner universities simply provide ReUp with a list of students who left without completing their degree and we do the rest. Once we find them, they share their educational journeys, circumstances, and goals with us. We then craft a plan to help them get to the finish line. Once students are back in school, Success Coaches continue to support students by connecting them to peer communities online, leveraging the university’s resources, and sharing budgeting tools to increase financial literacy.  

The key to ReUp’s success is our unique blend of personalized one-on-one coaching augmented by technology. Our proprietary analytics platform allows us to compile and analyze student and business data to develop insights that improve enrollment and graduation outcomes for higher educational institutions. We’ve built a robust program leveraging big data, personalized marketing, artificial intelligence, peer communities, good ol' human ingenuity, and a lot of heart and soul.


Risk-Free Recipe For Success

Our business model is simple: We get compensated by our partner institutions only for the students we succeed in re-enrolling and retaining. We continue to serve our students once they are back in school through community-building and retention support, oftentimes until graduation.

For our ReUp students, there is NEVER a charge for our services or support. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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