ReUp Innovation Partnership Application

The Problem

Each year, millions of students drop-out of college or university–some 31 million Americans in the last two decades. "Life getting in the way" tends to encapsulate the greatest challenges students face when they choose to leave school. Oftentimes, they struggle with balancing the demands of family, work, school, finances and sometimes illness. Sadly, many leave college with debt and without the earning power of a diploma. The social and economic impact is massive but the loss of human potential is even bigger.  

The Solution

ReUp Education partners with universities to re-enroll students who have dropped-out and supports them in school to ensure successful academic outcomes. This year, we've helped "re-up" nearly 3,000 students using a proprietary combination of Technology, Data, and Humanity. ReUp employs “second chance” coaches who have direct experience working with underserved students, and utilizes data analytics to provide coaches with the information they need to find, connect with, and guide students through the re-entry process.  


The Opportunity

ReUp Education has received a generous grant from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to increase the number of first generation and underrepresented minority students who come back to school and complete their degrees.

Timeline & Milestones

January 15 - February 20
Phone interviews with interested parties

February 21
Application deadline

February 22 - February 28
Application review

February 28
Final decision

March 1 - March 31
Contract finalization and implementation plan process (data clean up through National Clearinghouse)

April 1
All required data delivered to ReUp Education

Late April/Early May
Initial outreach to students begins

Late 2018
ReUp executives meet with university representatives to review initial results

Early 2019
University presents findings at a conference with ReUp Education

May 2019
White paper detailing key findings is completed

June 2019
Presentation of key insights from white paper and evaluation at a convening

Only a small number of universities are being nominated and invited to apply for this unique opportunity. This is a non-transferable and invitation only process.

The value of this grant is the equivalent of a $500,000+ service. The benefits  are numerous:

  • The chance to take advantage of the expertise and service of the ReUp Education team to bring students back to your school and enable them to graduate with their degree and achieve their full potential.

  • The opportunity to take a thought leadership position on an important issue in higher education, to act as a strategic partner to an innovative company, and to participate in sharing key learnings with fellow university leaders and institutions.

  • The ability to learn about and better understand this student population, the challenges they face in returning to school and the kind of interventions which deliver the best outcomes.

  • Real time feedback on how the university enrollment processes might be changed to better serve this population.

If this opportunity resonates with you based on your student population and their needs, as well as your own interest in participating in an exciting process of discovery with the only company focused on the re-entry population, we invite you to apply for consideration.

Below you will find a list of the basic selection criteria for the grant, as well as an application. We are happy to discuss this opportunity during a brief phone call in January or in-person meeting at the ASSCU Conference in February.

We sincerely hope that you will participate in our application process and look forward to speaking with you in greater detail about the grant and the project.


Nitzan Pelman
ReUp Education CEO

Selection Criteria

Through the generous support of The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, ReUp Education is offering its services free of charge for one year. ReUp Education will select a university to partner on re-enrolling and supporting former students who have some college and no degree. ReUp’s proprietary technology and support services include: sophisticated marketing, chatbots for qualifying students, artificial intelligence for quality assurance, data driven personas to inform coaching plans, and second chance coaches. ReUp will also support the students in the first term they are back to ensure that they acclimate back to school in a successful way.  

The goals of the grant are to serve a larger number of first generation students, evaluate ways to reduce cost and deliver more accessible business models, and validate success factors to re-enroll and support students in completing their degrees. We are particularly focused on attracting, re-enrolling and retaining low income students and underrepresented minority populations. 

ReUp is seeking a true innovation partner committed to partnership, strategic thinking, planning, and implementation. 

  1. The University must be a four year degree granting institution
  1. Must have 20,000+ qualified names of student stopouts (within the past four years) that can be contacted by ReUp for re-entry evaluation and coaching.
  1. The list of qualified names must be delivered to ReUp Education via csv file by April 1, 2018. Students who are in default, enrolled in another four year institution or were academically dismissed should be omitted from the list.
  1. The University is prepared and able to begin implementation in April 2018, with student outreach beginning by May 2018.
  1. After selection as the University Partner, additional data about the stopout and current students will need to be supplied to ReUp to aid in the evaluation of the project. Data points include (but are not limited to):
    1. Demographic information (Gender, Race, Marital Status, etc.)
    2. Financial status (in compliance with FERPA laws)
    3. GPA or Academic information
  1. The University agrees to identify students willing to be highlighted in materials created through the process of this grant (including reports, marketing materials, and grant reports). The students do not have to have their real name or photo attached to their story.
  1. The University agrees to co-author a white paper with ReUp Education and present our findings during an educational conference and convening.
  1. The University agrees to be a collaborative thought partner and innovative thinker around the challenges this grant is intended to address.
  1. This invitation to apply is non-transferrable.

Application: Gates Grant Supported Innovation Partnership with ReUp Education

Apply online using the form below or download the PDF application and submit via email to Applications must be submitted by February 21, 2018.

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Student Population Overview

Current Support Services & Graduation Statistics

What current resources exist (staffing, CRM, financial budget, other - describe below) to support undergrad students through erollment, re-entry, and retention?

Educational Model