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WGU’s 8-step Back-to-School Checklist

If you’re reading this checklist, congratulations!
You’ve taken the first steps to completing your college degree.


Step 1

Log into your WGU Student Portal to get your email address.
For help logging in to your Student Portal, call Technical Support at 877.435.7948 x 3103 


Step 2

Text or call your ReUp Education Success Coach and tell him/her that you want to go back to school. Learn more about ReUp Education and Success Coaches.


Step 3

Complete an online appeal form. A link will be sent to your WGU email inbox after speaking with your Success Coach.


Step 4

Schedule a call with your Success Coach to confirm readmission details. You may also request an appointment time by email


Step 5

WGU may need some additional information from you that might be related to your financial aid or program. Check your WGU email often to see if you have any additional requests. 


Step 6

All students are required to get Financial Clearance by the 5th of the month ( prior to their start date).

All Students should fill out a FAFSA form: https://fafsa.ed.gov (School code - 033394).

Getting more specific: You may be paying for school with a loan, your own cash, or military funding.

  • If you don’t know how you will be paying for school, call Financial Services at 877.435.7948 x 3104, or email financialservices@wgu.edu to discuss your options for financing your degree.If you are paying out-of-pocket, please call 877-435-7948 x 2335, or email studentaccounts@wgu.edu. Or simply log in to your Student Portal and choose “Make a Payment.” You can also view Payment Options, for which you may be eligible. Payment plans are typically not visible in your portal until the 25th day of the month prior to your financial clearance deadline.
  • If using military funding, please call our Veteran’s Affairs Office at 877-435-7948 x 3127, or email va@wgu.edu.
  •  If you are using tuition reimbursement, contact your Success Coach for guidance.

Step 7

If you would like a Student Success Kit (which includes a Webcam), you can request a new Student Success Kit from the WGU website


Step 8 

Meet with your WGU Mentor (they generally get in touch with you within the first 5 business days after your term begins). 



My readmission appeal is approved. Does this mean I am accepted to return to WGU?

If your readmission appeal is approved, it means you have been approved to begin the readmission process. Students are not officially accepted to begin classes until they have demonstrated they are eligible for their chosen program, passed financial clearance, and have been matched with a WGU Student Mentor.

Why do I have to wait 60-90 days to begin classes?

WGU requires about 60 days to properly evaluate transcripts, help students process their financial accounts, and match them with a WGU Student Mentor. See the current list of courses required for your degree: https://cm.wgu.edu/t5/Admission/Program-Guidebooks/ta-p/163

You can access/download your unofficial WGU transcript by logging in to your Student Portal. Once logged in, proceed to the Student Services section on the Student Support tab of the Student Portal and click on the “Download an Unofficial Transcript” link.

Less than 30 days before your start date: If needed, you can request to have a Readmission Transfer Evaluation (RATE) completed 30 days prior to your start date. This will allow you to see which courses you have left in your degree. Request one by emailing readmission@wgu.edu .

Why do I have to pass Financial Clearance before I can learn more about my degree plan? Can I get a refund?

●  After passing financial clearance and receiving your readmission transfer evaluation, if you decide you no longer wish to proceed with readmission,you can change your start date, request a different program, or close your readmission request altogether. You must send an email from your WGU email address to readmission@wgu.edu to request a change in your start date, to request a program change, or to cancel your readmission process.

●  Tuition and all other fees are refundable, along with your payment plan set-up fees, if you request to end your readmission process before the start date.

●  If this policy impedes your ability to continue the readmission process at any time, please notify your Success Coach.

I’m not using Financial Aid. Do I still have to contact Financial Services?

Yes. The Financial Clearance deadline is still relevant to students using other methods to finance their education (self-pay, reimbursement, VA, etc.) because each method still needs to meet certain requirements. For information specific to your payment method, call Financial Services at 877.435.7948 x2335, or email, financialservices@wgu.edu

I have specific questions about my upcoming program.

Degree-related questions that are not covered in your program guide , including scheduling concerns, can be directed to your Student Mentor after the first day of classes. If you believe that not having answers to your questions will impede your ability to begin courses at WGU, you may email readmission@wgu.edu. Readmission students do not need to complete the readiness assessment or orientation, and all enrollment information can be disregarded. For additional updates to your readmission process, please contact your Success Coach .

I see confusing information in my Student Portal. Now I’m unsure of where I am in the readmission process.

Due to ongoing upgrades to the student information system, some students may see outdated information. If at any time you have any questions regarding your status in the readmission process, please reach out to your Success Coach . Students may also check their WGU email daily, or call Financial Services at 877.435.7948 x2335. If you are nearing your Financial Clearance deadline and have not seen a status change in your WGU account (or have not been in touch with Financial Services for more than a week), please call them along with your Success Coach. They’re here to help!

What happens if I’m unable to begin classes on time?

If you are unable to return to classes on your original desired start date, please notify both your Success Coach and readmissions at readmission@wgu.edu from your WGU email account and request to “roll” your “start date” to the next available start date.

When will I get in touch with my WGU Mentor?

You will hear from your WGU Mentor when you begin classes. It is very important to meet with your mentor within 5 business days of the term start. Students who are unable to meet with their mentor within 10 days risk being dropped.

How do I change my name?

For name change information, please visit: https://cm.wgu.edu/t5/Frequently-Asked-Questions/How-do-I-change-my-name/ta-p/411

How many credits do I have to take to be considered a full-time student?

Students must take a minimum of 12 CUs for an undergraduate degree, and a minimum of 8 CUs for a masters to be considered full-time.

Transfer Guidelines found in the Student Handbook at https://cm.wgu.edu.

Scholarship Information: Readmitted students are usually not eligible for WGU scholarships. To see if you are eligible, contact your Success Coach. See more information about scholarships below.

When I completed my FAFSA, it asked me for information that was 2 years old. Is that correct?

Yes. For the 2017/18 aid year, you will use taxes from 2 years prior, called the Prior Prior Year (PPY). This is the ONLY school year you will use two tax years in a row.

Is there a payment plan option for “Self-Pay” Students?

Yes, pending approval

  • 4-month payment plan
  • Equal monthly installments
  • Set-up fee: $55
  • First payment is due by the start date of your term (the first of the month)
  • Following three payments are due by the first of each subsequent month

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes. After the tuition has been billed, students can log on and pay their balance via their Student Portal. Students can pay with a credit card, an online checking account, physical check, or money order. We cannot accept payments over the phone. Paying with a physical check may greatly increase processing time and delay your start date.

Students using a credit card option should to be aware that there is a $55 non-refundable convenience fee, per term. Also, in order for credit card payments to be processed, students need to set up an Auto-Pay account.
Students using a physical check or money order can send payment to:

WGU Dept. 227
PO Box 30015
Salt Lake City, UT 84130

Scholarship opportunities

Note: Students who left WGU before completing their degree, and now wish to return, are usually not eligible to receive WGU scholarship. For more information, and to see if you qualify, contact your Success Coach.

Additional Scholarship Resources

Scholarships for Information Technology Professionals:


What is Reup Education? What is a Success Coach?

WGU believes in the value of individualized support and has partnered with ReUp Education to provide an additional layer of service for all readmitting students. In addition to your Student Mentors and Course Mentors, you have a Success Coach that will support you from readmission through graduation! Your Success Coach’s role is to ensure your questions are being answered, you are aware of administrative processes and policies, and that you begin courses and graduate on your desired timeline. You can also rely on your Success Coach for help finding the resources you need for financial planning and connecting with the community of WGU students. You are not required to contact or meet on a recurring basis with your Success Coach, but you will need to connect at least once during the readmission process and each session.